Frequently Asked

It all started with love for two-wheelers

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General FAQ

1Do I need to pay to participate in the Toumouhi Challenge?

No, participation in the challenge is free

2What are the requirements to participate?

The program targets mainly women and youth. Participants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be above 18 years old
  • Have a basic understanding of the English language
  • Have access to the internet and a smart device
  • Have an email address
  • No relatives can participate on the same team
3If I don’t speak English, can I still participate?
  • Yes, you can! All materials have been translated into Arabic and many of the selected judges will speak Arabic.
  • However, the eCornell perks and awards will only be provided in English. You might face some language barriers in the process but this should not discourage you!
4If I am under 18 years old can I participate?

Unfortunately, no, this is a strict requirement

5If I cannot physically attend the semifinals or finals event, would I or my team be disqualified?

No, you would not be disqualified, the other team members can represent you or your video will be judged instead

6How can I access the success story?

You can find the case study under the Education Materials tab. The files can also be downloaded.

7Where can I access the program’s guidelines?

Guidelines can be found in the case study file under the Education Materials tab.

8If I wasn’t able to attend the online session, can I get a recording of them?

Unfortunately, no

9If I don’t have an email, can I apply?

Your email address is required to validate your registration. You can create one here:

10Can I attend the semifinal and final event if I am not a shortlisted candidate?

Unfortunately, semifinal and final events are reserved for shortlisted candidates only

11When will I know if my application has been selected for the semifinals and/or finals?

We will notify applicants who are promoted to the semifinals via email no later than November 15th, 2023. We appreciate your patience during the selection process.


Video FAQ

1Will my video be shared publicly?

Your video submission is confidential and will only be reviewed by our evaluation committee. We respect your privacy and will not share your video without your explicit consent.

2In which language should I submit my video?

You can submit your video in English or Arabic. Your video will be reviewed by our bilingual evaluators.

3Can I submit a new/updated video of my idea after my first submission?

Only one video submission per applicant will be allowed. Once you have submitted your video, you will not be able to make changes. We encourage you to review your video carefully before submission to ensure it accurately represents your ideas and aspirations.

4What should I do if I can’t upload my video or I need more time to prepare myself and/or my team?
  • The deadline for submitting your video is September 20th, 2023. We will not accept submissions after this date. If you face any technical difficulties, please contact us ASAP at [email protected].
  • You are advised not to wait until the last minute to submit your video.
5What happens after I submit my video?

After submitting your video, our evaluation judges will carefully review your application. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Please make sure to provide accurate contact information in your application so that we can reach out to you if needed.

6Are there any technical specifications for the video file?
  • Please ensure that your video file is not too large and is compatible with common media players. All specifications are included in the guidelines included on the education materials webpage.
  • We recommend compressing the video if necessary to reduce the file size. This will facilitate smoother uploading and viewing during the application review process.
7Can I submit my video through email or social media?
  • To ensure a streamlined application process, we request that you submit your video through the official application form on our program website. This allows us to efficiently review and process all submissions.
8What should I include in my video?
  • Your video should highlight your passion for your idea, sports in general, and entrepreneurship. Feel free to showcase any goals you may have, or any achievements or initiatives you have undertaken in this field.
9How do I submit my application to participate in the program?

Record a video showcasing your business idea and interest in the field of sports. Ensure that the video is clear, well-lit, and audible. Save the video in a common format, for example MP4 or MOV. Visit the application page on our program website. Fill out the required information in the application form. Your video can be uploaded here. Double-check that all the information provided is accurate. Submit your application.


1Are the surveys mandatory?

Yes, completing these surveys will help to bring you better programs in the future.

You have to submit 2 surveys.

The first survey must be submitted before the submission of the video. The second survey must be submitted after the final event and before December 10th, 2023

2Where do I find the survey forms?

You will find the forms on the education materials webpage


1How do I register for the Toumouhi Challenge?

By going to the registration page (click the “Join Now” button) and follow the instructions


2I want to apply as an individual. Can I?

Yes, you can. But we strongly recommend exploring the option to form a team, since teams will be prioritized.

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